We perform precision machining on state of the art equipment.

Get to know our machines here: each gallery below outlines our equipment.


Our PROTOTYPE department features a Haas VM6 and two Haas VM3s.


Our Haas VM6 CNC Mill has a 4th axis allowing endless innovation and maximizing efficiency.



Our lathe center features an Okuma LB3000 EXII and a Haas ST30. Our ability to accomodate large diameter lathe work enables us to take on projects many machine shops cannot.





Our Okuma CNC lathe is our newest machine. Here it is pictured in use and as it was delivered to our shop.


Our MANUFACTURING department is geared towards efficiency.


By dedicating machines to contract customers, we are able to meet  high volume demands with minimal lead time.
In addition to our Haas Mini Mills, we have a Hwacheon CNC lathe, a Haas Super Mini Mill and a Haas Super VF4.