Welcome to Designit Prototype

Our philosophy is centered around intelligent design.

Our design expertise and technical innovation make us different from any other CNC machine shop. We specialize in precision problem solving for every engineering challenge.

We offer consulting, design, and engineering, as well as low and high volume production and injection mold services.

General Manager Bob Lopes comes from a background of engineering and project management. His drive and dedication has brought him success throughout his career and landed him at Designit in 2015.

Bob brought his passion for business and manufacturing management with him, personally following every project every step of the way- from design all the way through to delivery.

Raised in Sonoma County, Bob was an elite high school athlete before attending Sonoma State University.

Owner Larry Childs was an engineering leader in Silicon Valley in the 1990s after serving in the United States Air Force, and now lives with his family in Sonoma County. Larry has always had a passion for problem solving as well as a lifetime love of automotive racing, airplanes, and robotics.

Larry considers Designit a family business and the DesignIt crew is an extended family. Many of Larry's customers have also become lifelong friends.

He also enjoys the opportunity to travel to Asia often to maintain close business relationships.